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The Bertrada Castle

Prof. Dr. Klaus Tiepelmann and his wife Brigitte
54570 Mürlenbach
Tel.: (06594) 8 64
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Was the Emperor Charles the Great born in Mürlenbach? It is not sure. One fact is for certain that the name lender of the castle, Bertrada the Elder, was the great-grandmother of the first great European. After the local tradition it is assumed that her granddaughter, Bertrada the Younger, gave birth to her son Karl at April 2nd 742 (or was it in 747?). Bertrada castle stands on a prominent rock above the village Mürlenbach at the river Kyll. The prince abbots of the monastery of Prüm erected the castle in the 12th and 13th century. The monastery itself was founded by the already mentioned Bertrada the Elder, who owned an estate in Mürlenbach. It was founded anew in 752 by the parents of Charles the Great. Historically particularly noticeable is the 13th century double towered gate building in the remnants of an extensive building complex. It was restored in an exemplary manner in the 1990?s. With its mighty round towers, connected by a high gothic arch on the 3rd floor, the castle dominates the scenery of the particularly at this spot romantic valley. After the restoration inside there are 13 rooms with different functions and design. Also a well-preserved castle chapel. Well kept are the high 13th century ramparts as well as two bastions of the 16th century not yet restored.

Opening-hours: Apart from the state-owned tower gate the castle is private property. It can be visited every Sunday between Easter and All Saints at 3 p.m. Also by appointment.

Catering: The historical wine bar ?Prümer Urbar? is only opens by appointment and at events.

Extras: Chamber concerts, chamber concerts, theatre plays, lectures and exhibitions in the courtyard, in the small room of the former main building or in the medieval towers.

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