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Palace of Weilerbach

Kreis Bitburg-Prüm
Schloss-Weilerbach-Gesellschaft e.V.
Trierer Straße 1
54634 Bitburg
Tel.: (06561) 15-0
Fax: (06561) 15-0

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After decades of decay the building offers a brilliant view today. It is called a gem of the rococo period, one of the most important historical treasures of the area and a proof of the close connection with the neighbours from Luxemburg. In 1714 under Austrian rule a very prosperous period started that caused a regular constructing boom. Fine examples of this are the former Benedictine abbey in Echternach and the Palace of Weilerbach. In 1762 the abbey bought a small iron foundry near Bollendorf. Since the old plant did not allow sufficient extension of production, the abbey built a new and bigger one in 1777 ? 1779. In 1780 abbot Emanuel Limpach built the palace as an administration seat and his summer residence. In 1794 Echternach and Weilerbach were occupied by French revolutionary troops who put up the palace and the foundry for auction. One of the first owners was Nicolas Vincent Legier. In 1832 the industrialist family Servais from Luxembourg bought the estate. In 1930 it was thoroughly restored, but during World War II it was heavily damaged.
Finally building contractor from Trier bought the estate and restored it carefully. In 1991 the district Bitburg-Prüm took over the estate and restored the garden pavilion and the well house in the following years. At last the garden, the porterhouse, the pond and the caretaker?s house were restored. Since 1999 restoration work at the foundry has started.

Opening-hours: Since the palace is rented, inside cannot be visited. The estate, however, can be visited at any time.

Catering: In the former coach house there is a museum café where numerous objects produced in the foundry capture the attention.
The café is open from Easter to mid October 11 a.m. ? 6 p.m..
During the rest of the year it opens at 1 p.m.
For more details call (06526) 13 33.

Extras: In the banqueting hall, the ?Schloss Weilerbach Society? organizes cultural events, mostly concerts.

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