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Castle House Wassenach

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Ewerhart
Kirchstraße 1
56653 Wassenach
Tel.: (02636) 47 32
Fax: (02636) 47 32
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A particular experience is a visit to the collection of historical keyboard instruments in the Castle House at the Lake Laach. The owner of this late baroque building, Prof. Dr. Rudolf Ewerhard opened his collection of mainly keyboard instruments from the 17th to the 19th century (celesta, spinet, cembalo, organ) to the public. Worth of note is the fact, that one can still play the instruments and thus experience their sound.

Opening-hours: Guided tours only by appointment and on occasion of concerts

Extras: Four times a year there are "conversational concerts" with a guide presenting 12 of the instruments. In addition there are concerts of high originality.

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