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Rittersdorf Castle


Verbandsgemeindeverwaltung Bitburg-Land

Hubert-Prim-Straße 7
54634 Bitburg

Tel.: (06561) 66-309
Fax: (06551) 66-460

Burg Rittersdorf
Tel.: (06561) 9 65 70
Fax: (06561) 96 57 16

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The moated castle once belonged to the fief of the Count of Luxemburg and was first documented in 1263. It was built on the bank of the river Nims in order to safeguard the road from Bitburg to Prüm. In 1290 king Rudolf of Habsburg belatedly authorized the building. The oldest part is the huge round keep (1290) Four of the seven storeys were fitted to living rooms with resting niches, firesides and toilets. Opposite to the keep stands the older great hall built in the 15th century in which the lower storeys are supported by a central pillar with cross vaults. The front of the newer great hall facing the court and the court gate are ornamented in Renaissance style. In 1978 the community of Bitburg-Land acquired the castle then threatened by collapse. It took 9 years to restore the building.

Catering: the restaurant offers refined cuisine as well as knightly banquets with medieval accompaniment.

Extras: On the second floor is a museum with 60 so-called ?Takenplatten?, decorative cast-iron fireside-plates, an exhibition of works of local artists as well as antique machines and furniture. The registry office in the historical building offers an ideal setting for wedding ceremonies.

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