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The Abbey of Prüm

Kreis Bitburg-Prüm
Tourist-Information Prümer Land Hahnplatz 1
54595 Prüm
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Bertrada von Mürlenbach founded the Benedictine abbey in 721. Around the abbey the town of Prüm developed. Being favoured by the Carolingians Prüm became a cultural centre in the Eifel. As a sign of their favour the Carolingian sovereigns donated the abbey in Prüm important relics that have been kept in the cathedral St. Salvator. In 882 and 892 Normans attacked and devastated the abbey and the town. The abbot Regino, one of the most important abbots and historians of the Middle Ages, registered more than 300 places and 893 properties and legal rights in the Prümer Urbar. They all belonged to the territory of Prüm. The abbey had its heyday during the 13th century as Emperor Friedrich II raised it to the rank of a princedom in 1222. After centuries of rivalry with the Prince Bishop of Trier the abbey lost its independence in 1576 and was administrated from Trier from that time on.
The electorate prince Bishop Georg von Schönborn commissioned the extension of the building to a baroque palace in 1748, according to plans of Balthasar Neumann. It was not finished until 1912. Still existing are the prince?s hall and the capital hall. In 1802 the French occupational power secularized the abbey. The abbey church became a parish church and the abbey itself housed a grammar school and a court. Since 1975 there has been only the grammar school "Regino-Gymnasium".

Opening-hours: only during the summer holidays of Rhineland-Palatinate

Extras: exhibition of the EVBK (European Union of Artists) during the summer holidays.

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