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Oberburg Manderscheid

Community of Manderscheid
54531 Manderscheid

Tourist Board Manderscheid
Tel.: (06572) 93 26 65
Fax: (06572) 93 35 21

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Near the town of castles Manderscheid on a prominent rock stands the Upper Castle, first mentioned in 973. It is one of the oldest castle ruins of the Eifel and was until the French Revolution one of the seven main castles of the electorate Trier. After the destruction by the French in 1673 mainly the 5-storey tower rising among the ring walls and remnants of the gate and other buildings characterizes its appearance. Splendid view from the accessible top of the tower on Manderscheid and the valley of the Lieser.

Opening hours: all year. A 20 minutes guided tour connects the Upper Castle with the Lower Castle.

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