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Neuerburg Castle


City of Neuerburg

Katholischer Bund Neudeutschland

Fam. Dichter-Hallwachs
Tel.: (06564) 21 87
Fax: (06564) 21 87

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High above the picturesque climatic health resort Neuerburg stands the biggest castle in the district Bitburg-Prüm. The grand building and the so-called ?Small Castle?, the parish church (former vassal?s house), the bell tower and the town walls give evidence of the former fortification of Neuerburg. The foundation of the impressive edifice on top of the mount n town goes back to the 12th century when it was first mentioned in a document from 1132. In the course of the Reunion wars the castle was destroyed by French troops for the most part in 1692. Some years later those parts, which were still inhabited, were rebuilt. A few years later, a new renovation period of the inhabited parts of the edifice started. After a restoration phase, the ?Katholischer Bund Neudeutschland? took the whole estate into responsibilty in 1930. Since then it was used as a youth centre for education and recreation.

Opening-hours: the youth centre is open from March till October. The outer parts i.e. the court, the ruins and the chapel are free accessible all year. The inside of the building only by appointment (call (06564) 26 73)

Extras: Concerts during "Music Summerfestival in Neuerburg", program: (06564) 26 73

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