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Hamm Castle

Ferdinand Graf Westerholt
Schloss Hamm
54636 Hamm
Tel.: (06569) 96 35 36 or 2 49

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The fortified castle of Hamm stands on a longish, prominent rock in an oxbow of the river Prüm. It is erected on the foundations of a late medieval castle first mentioned in 1052 as property of the Lords of Hamm. The present building consisting of the main house bordered by two huge keeps, the chapel built on a late Romanesque vault, a gothic hall, the fortified wall, surrounding the large courtyard edged by adjacent buildings, was built in the 14th century. Parts of the main house were set on fire in 1945 by the SS and were damaged in such a way that behind the four-storey front facing the courtyard a new building had to be constructed. It is now the seat of the family of the Earls of Westerhold and Gysenberg. Depending on the weather and the light, or on the season and the moor, Hamm Castle changes its face: sometimes it appears like an Scottish castle, sometimes like a South-European ?palacio? and another time like what Hamm Castle really is ? one of the largest medieval fortified castles of the Eifel.

Opening hours: by appointment

Extras: theatre, music, lectures and other cultural events; outdoor and leisure time activities. In the gothic hall: weddings in the registry office and wedding parties

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